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Latest Patch & Feeds

Android V1.8.8 🤖 IOS V1.6.8
  • 1) Added Tower Of Oblivion layers to 400.
  • 2) Newly added Friend Contest feature, now you can contest with your friends.( Yes, go kick your friend's ass ;) )
  • 3) Now you can send Guild invitation to World Chat to invite players to join your Guild.
  • 4) Now you can send Guild War lineup setting invitation to Guild Chat to invite Guild members to set their lineup.
  • 5) Now in 3v3 Free Team-up Arena, when going to the battlefield, the third player lineup will be hidden from view.
  • 6) We enriched the rewards for Crystal Crown League.
  • 7) We increased the drop rate of Hero Promotion Stones for Auto battle in Campaign.
  • 8) Updated Sign In rewards interface.
  • 9) Event Time: 00:00 12th May to 23:59 18th May (UTC/GMT 0), event launch time is subject to the actual updating time.
  • 10) Daily Log-in Bonus during the event time: Chip x 5.
  • 11) Gain rewards for completing a certain amounts of lucky draws in Casino during the event time.
  • 12) The more battles you win in Arena(Crystal Crown League and Trial Of The Champion) and Mill(Plunder), the better rewards you gain.
  • 13) 4 kinds of Value Packs are on sale, please check the details in Events.
  • 14) Other optimizations and bug fixed.